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I was recently browsing through a bookstore and it came to mind just how much of an impact a book cover as to whether or not I picked up a book. I took notice as I walked by the books whose covers didn't entice me to learn more about the book. Covers that didn't pique my curiosity. The thing is, they may have been wonderful books. May have even turned out to be some of my favorites, but I’ll never know because the cover didn’t convince me to pick it up, turn it over, and read the blurb to find out what it was about.

How often have you walked away from a book because the cover didn’t draw you in? I bet more often than you realize.

When Doreen (my co-author) and I brainstormed a vision for the cover for Choices, Book 1 of The Catalyst Series, we talked a lot about the tone we wanted our cover to have and the elements we wanted to include and not to include. We took into consideration the genre, the story, and the characters.

Once we had a general idea of what we wanted - and could put it into words - we set out to find a designer. There are many ways to find a designer, whether it be from a referral, a design contest, an advertisement, or a designer you already know. During this process, we learned how important it is to find the right designer for your book and your vision.

There are many great designers out there, but you want to look for the person who sees the vision as clearly as you do. We started off with a contest. It was exciting when the designs started rolling in. And while we loved many of them, we never found the “perfect” fit using that approach.

Our next step was to review the portfolios of designers we found through advertisements and word of mouth. We made quite a large list of designers to consider, and after much thought and consideration, we chose a designer who is not only extremely talented but saw our vision as clearly as we did.

And we are very happy with the final product (pictured above)!


Remember, the book cover is the first impression your reader will have of your book. It will determine whether someone turns the book over (or clicks on the link) to read what it’s about, or whether they walk away.

Below are 6 elements of book cover design to take into consideration when designing your book cover.

  • Simplicity

  • Smart Color Choice

  • Professional Design

  • Readable Text Style

  • Images That Create an Emotional Connection to You, Your Reader, and Your Content

  • Genre Considerations

A quality book cover, designed with purpose, shows the potential reader that you invested time, effort, and dedication to your book, that you know your audience and genre, and that you are a professional. Choose your designer wisely, and take a vested interest in the design process of your book. Remember, the book cover reflects on you as an author and as a brand.

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