I AM Without Fear


“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.” - Hafiz

Fear is like a burning flame casting shadows in the deepest corners of our souls. Worry, an ever-present fog that is the veil between us and true peace.

And like darkness, fear is a bitter and powerful adversary, sometimes even disguising itself as a friend but an adversary nonetheless. And none of us are immune to its temptation.

As fear begins to trickle into our veins, deceiving us, and the last vestiges of joy seep from our bones, it feels as if all hope is lost, a ship sinking to its final resting place on the ocean floor.

Fear is a powerful tempter, making us believe things that have no basis in truth. And as we embrace fear, losing ourselves in loneliness and despair, we relinquish the gift from the Divine that has been placed in our care, giving it to another as if it has no value.

But remember, brave one, that no matter the situation, no matter how tight fear has you in its grip, the lifeline of grace is always within reach.

Just put your sights on that which is within, the thing that you search so desperately for, and open yourself to the quiet whisper of the secret that has been available since your birth and has existed in the unconscious mind since the beginning of time.

Drown out the noise of the masses and lift the heavy burden of all you have been taught to believe by teachers who have no more true knowledge than does the silence that speaks to your soul.

It is a gift bestowed to each of us upon our birth that requires nothing more than recognition and acceptance. It will grow unfettered without intervention, and through mindfulness of its existence, it will, by its nature, achieve its full potential.

We are born with our spirituality intact. We are complete before our birth and after our death, and our spiritual existence is not dependent on any outside force or moment in time.

It is possible to dispel fear and embrace the peace that knowledge and acceptance bring through nothing more than an understanding of I am here, I am within, I AM.

This piece was originally published on Medium.com/@JLHarris.