How to Track Your Scenes

There’s a lot to keep in mind when writing scenes, and if we’re not careful, we can easily overlook any of the components that make a scene work. In this article, I will teach you the process I use when working with writers to ensure they write a scene that works every single time.

The Writer's Guide to Working With an Editor

The Writer's Guide to Working With an Editor

You’ve just finished your first draft. You went through it with a fine-tooth comb, revising and rewriting. Now it’s time to send it off to the editor, but you have no clue what to expect. By the end of this post you’ll know what to expect from the process and feel comfortable working with a professional editor. 

Polishing Your Manuscript: A 10-Part Check List

You’ve finished your manuscript, had it professionally edited and proofread, you’ve been through it front to back and back to front, and it’s ready to go…almost. One final thing you’ll want to do is a quick polishing, or what I like to call a Final Pass. You can either do this final pass step yourself or have it done by a professional. This last minute check looks for common errors that may have been missed during one of the previous rounds of edits, especially if at any point you’ve gone in and made some tweaks.