Keep the Momentum Going with the Good, Better, Best Method

Keep the Momentum Going with the Good, Better, Best Method

What I’ve learned is that if I schedule time into my day, I can push through the procrastination, take the first step, and next thing I know I have forward motion. That motion then motivates me to want to do more. Now I have momentum. 

Writer's Block - Myth or Truth?

My article How to Conquer the Bogeyman AKA Writer’s Block was published over at The Writing Cooperative. Click here to read in its entirety. Below is a sneak peek:

Writer’s block—myth or truth? What if I told you that you are in complete control of your writing inspiration and that it doesn’t control you? That there is no mythical bogeyman standing behind you, blocking all of your great ideas, laughing as you stare at the blinking cursor agonizing over the lack of words on the screen?  

Improve Your Productivity & Focus Through Diet, Rest, & Exercise

Today's post is a guest post by Amanda VanDeWege of


Jen and I have worked collaboratively over the past six years on multiple cross-discipline projects. Knowing my passion for brain-based learning strategies as well as educating people on the significance of nutrition for a healthy weight, I’m excited to explore the links between diet, rest, and exercise as they relate to improved productivity, energy, and focus.