Final Pass: Starting at $0.005/word


You’re almost there!

Your manuscript has been through copyediting and proofreading, you’ve read it so many times you’ve practically memorized it, and you’re almost ready to hit publish…but you know you’d feel better putting it through one final pass before it goes live. 

That’s where the Final Pass comes in. The Final Pass gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for so you can relax, knowing you’re putting your best work out there. It’s no wonder this is my most popular service! 


  • a final polish on your book

  • peace of mind knowing your manuscript is truly ready for the world

  • aimed at catching embarrassing errors that were missed during previous passes or accidentally inserted during last minute tweaks


  • meant to replace a copyedit or proofread. It’s a last pass to check for those pesky typos that always manage to slip through 


The Final Pass looks for missing words, misspellings, typos, obvious punctuation errors (such as double periods or missing punctuation). 

Please note: If at any time I feel your book needs more than a Final Pass, I will do my best to notify you as soon as possible. You will receive a report on the part of your manuscript that did go through the Final Pass. Remember, the Final Pass is not meant to replace editing or proofreading.  

Hyphenation issues are not specifically addressed.


  • What if my book is already published? If your book is independently published, and you’re worried there are lingering typos or errors, don’t worry! It’s still a candidate for the Final Pass. 

  • How long will it take to get my Final Pass report? The average pace for a Final Pass is 20k words per day from the day I start on your manuscript plus an added day to compile your report. 

  • What if I’m on a deadline and need it done faster? Priority status is available for an additional cost.