An Opening Scene Workshop


If you've ever struggled to get the beginning of your story just right...

Then this workshop is for you.

You’ve finished your first draft…yay! Now it’s time to edit and polish, to get it ready for the market.

But did you know…?

The first five pages are the most crucial part of your book.

That’s right. These pages determine:

—> if your manuscript will end up in a slush pile

—> if a reader on Amazon will decide to buy your book

That’s why it’s so important to get these pages right.

The first five pages need to grip the reader’s attention, enticing them to experience the adventure that follows, but they also have the ability to make or break your entire book. Think about it - your story's opening scene must:

  • Hook the reader

  • Introduce Character, Setting, Conflict, Tone

  • Introduce questions that will keep the reader turning the page

It's no wonder they're such a challenge! But...the good news is, you're not alone.

IN THE BEGINNING offers a complete and thorough analysis of your first five pages. You will receive a comprehensive critique with notations and comments in the margins of every page using Track Changes in MS Word.

—> Your first five pages are evaluated for clarity, structure, setting, voice, tone, point of view, organization, character introduction, dialogue.

When you submit your first five pages, one of three professional editors and published authors will assess it and provide feedback and suggestions.




  • Style sheet

  • Full report with feedback and suggestions

  • Notations and comments in margins of each page



  • Consistency (tone, style, voice, word choices, POV).

  • Character Development - Is the character introduced effectively in the first scene? Is there a connection with the reader?

  • Readability.

  • The effectiveness of the hook - Do the first pages entice the reader to turn the page?

  • Written overview of the strengths and potential challenges of the first scene.

  • Is the story's premise (promise) hinted at?

  • Structural assessment.


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Cost: $75

PLEASE NOTE: Erotica submissions not accepted.