Ep. 008: Writing Raw vs. Writing for an Audience

The Fearless Writer Podcast Ep. 008

In today’s episode, learn why it’s important to focus on writing raw, how to connect with your ideal audience, and build trust and loyalty with those who follow you. 

Your writing superpower is YOUR raw voice. When you lose focus and attempt to write what you think others want to read or what they suggest you should write or how you should write it, your voice and message become polluted, your voice is no longer clear, no longer yours. This confuses people and makes them uncomfortable. 

Here’s a tip:

When writing, imagine you are writing for an auditorium full of you, because you know best what makes you tick, what makes you laugh, cry, and quiver with fear. When you pour all of this raw material on the page in this way, your ideal audience will be drawn to it, and trust and loyalty will follow. Your message will be clear and your words will resonate with the right people, your people. 


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