Ep. 012: How I Organize My Time as a Writer

Ep. 012: How I Organize My Time as a Writer

In this episode:

Project Planner: This a 90-day system where I work out my writing schedule for the specific project I’m working on, set deadlines, and actually plot my novel. It has all my character information, settings, scene lists, and so on. This is probably one of the most vital tools I use for each project. I know which days I’ll be writing, I set a minimum word count for each writing day, I know what I need to write each day, and it allows me to set deadlines, which I need in order to stay on task! I keep lists of beta readers and contact info, editor and proofreader info, book cover design concepts, publishing and marketing task lists, everything I need to take a book from idea to publication.

Kanban Board: The Kanban board is an organizational tool that helps you visualize your work and progress, maximizing flow and efficiency. I have mine set up with three columns (one for each overarching goal) and three sections (one for each stage of the process). All the tasks for each project are written on sticky notes and placed in the top section under the appropriate goal heading. Each week, I move the tasks I plan to work on to the second section, finally moving them to the third (bottom) as they’re completed. This is a 90-day board, and so by the end of 90 days, all the sticky notes should (hopefully!) be in the bottom section.



Freedom App: The Freedom app is a tool designed to free you from distractions while you write. It blocks websites of your choosing for time periods that you set. You can check it out here: www.freedom.to

Writing Sprints: Writing sprints are short bursts of time where you write without interruption or stopping, usually anywhere from 10-45 minutes (I usually schedule my sprints in 25-minute sessions).

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