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Ep. 010: A Conversation with Frank McKinley on Writing, Blogging, and Interview Tips

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I am so thrilled to share my conversation with Frank McKinley with all of you today!

In this episode, we discuss Frank's journey to becoming a published author, how blogging helped him on that journey, and how he writes and publishes nonfiction books that are based on blog post series he has written. 

Also, when we publish our books, we obviously want to promote our books, and a lot of times that promotion involves interviews. Frank shares his best advice on how we can have successful interviews as authors. 

Hope you enjoy the conversation a much as I did!

Frank McKinkley

Frank McKinley is a published author, writing coach, and an entrepreneur who helps writers to engage readers, sell their ideas, and build their tribes. He designs plans for artists, writers, and other creatives. When he’s not writing, he loves coffee and conversation. You can visit him at or on Medium at

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