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The Fearless Writer Facebook Group

The fearless writer Facebook Group

Connect with writers just like you in our private Facebook group. This is a place where we can share tips, resources, give and provide feedback on our writing, and much more!

Indie-publishing checklist

Have you finished your first draft? Not sure what to do next?

The Indie-Publishing Checklist ensures that you don’t miss any crucial steps along the way to publishing your book. More than simply a checklist, it’s a guide and a roadmap, showing you the steps you’ll need to take on your independent-publishing journey.


The Fearless writer ebook

What’s Inside?

  • Know Your “Why:” Having Clarity on Your “Why” Will Help You Through the Tough Moments as You Work Toward Your Goal of Becoming a Published Author

  • Clarify Your Vision: You Have to Know Where You’re Going in Order to Know How to Get There

  • How to Find Time to Write: Learn How to Effectively Utilize Hidden Moments Throughout Your Day

  • Ignite Your Creativity: Develop Your Creative Muscle & Get Your Words Flowing Now!

Writing Podcasts

Here is a list of some of my favorite writing podcasts.

How Do You Write Podcast

Writing Craft Books

Writing Software & Training

Learn Scrivener Fast - Ninja Level